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Thousands of visits from: www.MSNBC.com, TECH / SCIENCE section,
The Practical Futurist, Michael Rogers: "What's next in 2004?", and
A Blog China reprint of the "Keyboard History and XPeRT Solution"
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Editor's Choice or 5 Star Ratings for the XPeRT Keyboard at 50+ Download sites. Trials at Download.com: 4,100+, at Soft32.com: 3,500+, at Shareware Junction: 1,200+, at CNET Asia: 800+. Hundreds of XPeRT Trial Downloads at each of ZDNet US, Japan, Oz & China, Top Shareware, WinZheng, FileCart, Gold-Soft, 5 Star Files, Download Line, AYXZ, File Chicken, Dadui, Peachseed, 1xia, Soft Award and many other sites. Listed at 200+ download sites. Many 1,000s of direct trials. 100,000+ XPeRT Keyboard Trials!

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Soft 32 download site
top product pick 3,500+ trials
front page feature July 2004
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Soft20, SoftsList,
5StarFiles, FileCart,
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4,000+ trials at Download.com
3,500+ at Files32.com
800+ at CNET Asia
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listed at 200+ sites
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feature June-04
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front page feature 2004
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site feature on release
5 Stars at Shareware  Connection

Independent File Cart Review:
"... In giving this new layout a try, I must say I was quite impressed... After an hour or so,
I had a more natural feel for the XPeRT system and could type comfortably on it...."

File Cart.com test results: 33 wpm on the Qwerty standard, 68 wpm on the XPeRT Keyboard

One Kit.com download site File Cart.com SoftAward.com
Download Pro.de Top Shareware
5 Stars
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Final Download Share the Ware Brother Soft
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top rating = 5.0
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CNET Download.com rated XPeRT Keyboard at 4.0:
"Despite a few minor flaws, this program is generally
excellent. We recommend this download."
3,000+ trials.

From the initial review in June 2004, through Aug 20th or so, the Download.com rating of the XPeRT Keyboard product was 4.0. Thereafter, the rating dropped to 3.0, for reasons not known. The text of the review has not changed. Download.com on its rating : "The Functionality sub-rating covers all performance related issues, and XPeRT Keyboard got a high rating in this area because the software does what it says it will do. It got lower ratings in Features and Interface because of its barebones implementation." Hmmm, isn't a keyboard an Interface? Go figure.

We recommend you take advantage of the free trial, conduct speed tests, and form your own opinion.

100,000+ Trials! .... Reach touch typing speeds with no training.
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Italy France Belgium Austria Switzerland
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Russia Poland Hungary Czech Republic Ukraine
Denmark Netherlands Greece Turkey Yugoslavia
South Africa Sri Lanka Tanzania US Government Portugal
Thailand Indonesia Pakistan India Croatia
Trinidad Dominican Rep Virgin Islands Saudi Arabia U. Arab Emirates
Slovenia Romania Belarus Iran Viet Nam
Peru Costa Rica Morocco Andorra Ireland
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Alaska Rhode Island Texas Ohio Arizona
New Jersey Maryland British Columbia Ontario Alberta
FAA United at LAX IBM U of Colorado Harvard
Microchip NCR Ericsson MindSpring 3 Com
Honeywell Delphi Auto Prodigy Seagate Gateway
HP GatesGroup EuTelSat Sky iNet Sky Pipeline
Comcast AT&T Insight Verizon SW Bell
Telus Shaw Cable Sympatico EastLink BigPond
RawBandwidth MaxOnline CamTel Adelphia TIAA
CoastalNow TWTelecom Cox Cable Level 3 Qwest
Sify, India iNet Zen.co UK CommunityNet Bezeq Internat'l
Swift DSL Overture DirecPC Cogeco Takas
HCCnet GBr. Dialin AOL InterBusiness VNet
Netvigator SAIX SpeakEasy PatMedia Freedom2surf
Wanadoo Covad IPConnect Optimum Online Carrier2carrier
Classic Net PacBell TbayTel USWest Wireless World
Kabel Foon Blue Yonder Hawk Comm'ns Blue Win BT Central Plus
ComSat All Stream EmbraTel StarCon Froggy.com
SolNet HK Cable Verestar.net Century Tel WinStar
Ameritech Tiscali Astral mXposure WideOpenWest
SpeedLinq NetCabo Planet Centrin Optus
Cyberus DirecTV iPrimus TransEdge WarpDrive Online

This is not a complete list. It illustrates world-wide access and broad interest in the XPeRT Keyboard. FAA is the Federal Aviation Authority, TIAA is the Telecom Industry Association of America. SAIX is the South African Internet eXchange.

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