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Most questions should be answered by the information in the XPeRT Guide provided on this site and with the XPeRT Setup software. For a copy, download the XPeRT Guide (pdf) now. The XPeRT Guide is also included in the 30 Day Free Trial Download.

Feedback / Questions

Feedback or Questions are welcome and may be sent to: This Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page has been designed to address some questions raised in user feedback, and as a supplement to information in the XPeRT Guide.

Answers to Common Questions

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Q1: ... Is XPeRT available on a keyboard hardware device?

At present the XPeRT Keyboard™ is only available as a software download and hardware conversion “kit”. Moving keycaps should be a “Snap”! (Some hardware versions would still require accompanying software. It is far easier to change a software keyboard file than reprogram a keyboard microchip). Key cap conversion should take only about 3 to 5 minutes. Permanent Key Labels are available, if you don't want to move key caps at all. (see the Purchasing page for more info) ... return to top

Q2: ... Is XPeRT of benefit to touch typists?

That depends on typing speed. If you are truly exceptional and already typing at over 60 wpm, there may not be a great advantage in switching to XPeRT. Keep in mind, though, that average touch typing speed is only around 40 wpm. ( Reference).

Try a keyboard speed test. Type for 10 minutes and get an automatic word count using the MSWord, File, Properties (or Summary Info), Statistics function. Divide by 10 to get words per minute (wpm). OR: ........ Use the On-line Typing Speed Test at our site. Benchmark speed on the standard Qwerty keyboard for comparison, then test speed on the XPeRT Keyboard after two weeks of regular use.

For touch typists in the 25 to 40 wpm range, there is probably room for some significant improvement using the XPeRT Keyboard, with a little effort. You could be able to type at over 60 wpm with the right keyboard! ... return to top

Q3: ... How do you set XPeRT as the default keyboard on Windows XP?

After running the XPeRT Setup program, activate by:
o Selecting: Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Regional, International Languages
o In the Languages page, go to "Details". Add XPeRT from the bottom of the drop down menu; Apply
o Return to the Languages page. Click the arrow on the right of top window - XPeRT is now an option. Click it to highlight and select as the default

Note that The Standard / Qwerty keyboard remains available. To select Qwerty within an application, use the keyboard icon (tiny keyboard or EN) on taskbar at the bottom right of the screen. ... return to top

Q4: ... I deleted my Setup program. How do I re-Install XPeRT?

First, did you actually Uninstall XPeRT? If not, it still resides as a Windows Language option, which can be accessed using Control Panel, Keyboard, Language utilities. For details see the XPeRT Guide.

Generally, there is no need to delete the XPeRT Setup program or remove the XPeRT Keyboard from your system files. The Standard / Qwerty layout can be restored at any time using Windows Keyboard / Language uitlities. XPeRT can reside as a background Language option. If you do Uninstall XPeRT and have deleted the XPeRT Setup program as well, there is a solution:

Purchasing records can be used to determine that you are a registered XPeRT Keyboard™ license holder. Just send an email to:, requesting a replacement copy. Include your name, e-mail address, date of purchase (approximate date is better than none) and country or state or province. ... return to top

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