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Keyboard Hardware Links

General, ergonomic, custom, biometric, lighted, wireless, on-screen, in that order. Industrial, rugged keyboards are not included (except Kontron). Websites and products listed here are not directly related to the XPeRT keyboard and are provided for general interest to keyboard users only.

Custom Computer, Industrial Automation, & Industrial Computers
offers industrial computer products such as custom computer solutions, industrial automation, panel pc products, and more.

Logitech Keyboards

Designs, manufactures and markets human interface devices that connect people and computers in an intuitive and natural way. Retail and OEM sales.

Kinesis Ergonomic Keyboards
Contoured and adjustable keyboards

DataHand Ergonomic Keyboards

Provides an ergonomic keyboard and mouse replacement to reduce the effects of repetitive strain disorder in the office.

Darwin Keyboards

Manufacturers of keyboard products, including ergonomic keyboards, keyboards for notebook computers, and macro remapping software.

Fentek Industries

Custom, standard, and ergonomic keyboards including international languages, large print and assistive, programmable plus templates and keytop labels.

The Keyboard Company

Diverse range of computer keyboards, any size, and style, any language, and all in stock.

DS International

Specializes in the design and production of keyboards and keypads


Designs and produces multi-finger and multi-hand touch-based user interaction devices for use in a wide range of computer applications.

Datadesk Technologies

innovative keyboards like the SmartBoard, TrackBoard, and LittleFingers.

Crystal Visions Technology

Space saving keyboards and pointing devices, including notebook style with integrated touchpad.


Language keyboards and products for convenient text entry input of over 300 languages. Screen keyboard selects over 100 languages.


Custom keysets, keyboards, keytop overlays, foreign language overlays, Dvorak keyboards, templates and keyboard protectors.

DataCal Enterprises

Manufactures custom keyboards, custom printed keys, keycaps and overlays, and software templates.

Control Zone Interactive

Offers keyboard templates to simplify the use of games, office suites, and educational software.

The Key Connection, Inc.

Custom keyboards, replacement key overlay kits, foreign language keyboards and overlays, large print, Braille, assistive keyboards, templates, keyboard covers.

Intolect Ltd.

Suppliers of specialist keyboards and keypads. Also offers keyboards with smart card readers and biometric security.

Key Tronic Corporation

Manufactures keyboard, mice, thinclient and biometric products.

Moonlight Illumination

Makes your keyboard visible even in the darkest locations.

AIM8 Development Inc

Tablet Keyboard makes entering math symbols simple. Just tap on the character and it inserted to any Microsoft office program.

Flexboards LLC

Offers fullsize keyboards that can be rolled up for portability. Features include liquid proofing, multiple colors, and noiseless operation.

Focus Electronic Co., Ltd.

Manufacturers computer keyboards, specializing in radio wireless keyboards and multimedia and Internet keyboards.

Casco Products International

Provides custom wireless keyboard solutions to OEM and Set-Top Box customers needing IR and RF technologies. Also offers standard IR and RF products to the general public

Senseboard Technologies AB

A virtual keyboard, mainly for palmtop computers.

Innovation Management Group

US and international onscreen keyboards. Programmable macro buttons and panels for all pointing devices.

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Keyboard Software Related Products

Mouse Enhancements, Hot Keys, Macros, Typing Assist, Key Tracking & Prediction, Mouse Replacement and more. These products are not directly related to the XPeRT Keyboard product and links are provided for general keyboard user interest only. ( Return to Home.)

Key Mouse Genie

Control the mouse using the keyboard.

Keyboard Express

Macro utility allows issuing of command sequences with the touch of a key.

Cool Mouse

Assigns various features like roll-up, minimize to tray, popup start menu to the middle mouse button.

Hot Keyboard Server

Creates macros of various action types and assigns them to hotkeys. Solution for workgroups to synchronize and share macros.

Hot Keyboard

Assigns hot keys for such repetitive tasks including frequently used text, date and time stamps, and application launching.


Zip code lookup program also functions as a very simple keyboard enhancer by allowing long sequences of keystrokes to be assigned to simple hot keys.


Allows scrolling without scrollbars, reduces mouse movement with QuickPoint and ScreenWrap, reduces mouse clicks with ActiMouse and EconoClick, and assigns functions to unused mouse buttons.


UltraMouse, block certain pop-ups and provides a third mouse button menu and other mouse functions. Also featuring UltraKeyboard, Keyboard extend software for defining and launching keyboard Macro so as to simplify the manipulation, reduce wear and tear on wrists and hands.

Systen Utility Professional

Provides professional mouse and keyboard tools. Products include Autorecorder, Keystroke ShortCut Recorder, and Mouse Emulator.

1st QuickLaunch

Add, remove and modify keyboard shortcuts. View unused keys while creating new shortcuts.


Controls and optimizes speed and precision of mouse, trackball, or touchpad. Provides easy and comfortable mousing to help reduce the risk of hand injury.

Journal Macro

Keyboard and mouse macro recorder designed to help eliminate repetitive operations and avoid the common computer related injuries.


Assigns macros to different mouse movements.

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Specialty Input Devices

Look for: Alternative Input Devices, re: repetitive strain injury, limited motion, head or eye tracking, mouth operation, voice recognition, touchscreens, in that order. Websites and products listed here are not directly related to the XPeRT keyboard and are provided for general interest to keyboard users only. (Return to Home.)


Supplies adaptive equipment for
individuals with work-related injuries
or with physical or visual impairments.


Products include solutions for
accessing and controlling a computer
100% hands-free, as well as controlling
devices in a home by spoken commands.

Turning Point

Sells computer keyguards and augmentative communication products for individuals with limited motor skills.


Ergonomic mouse software that reduces hand movement and strain.


Provides computer equipment for special needs, RSI and disability.

Matron Keyboards

Keyboards that enable RSI sufferers and people with special needs to use computers without strain or injury.

Maxess Products

Supplies keyguards, switch trays, and keyboard mounting products for people with a physical disability.

Magic Wand Keyboard

Mini adaptive computer keyboard and mouse designed for people with disabilities. Works using only slight head or hand movement and no strength. Includes ordering information.

EyeTech Digital Systems

Manufactures eye-gaze tracking devices to control your computer with your eyes.


Head tracking products for hands-free computer use.

Maui Innovative Peripherals

Develops Miracle Mouse, a head mounted device giving one the ability to browse the web, or send and receive e-mail via simple head movements.

Street Electric Manufacturing

Proposes the QuadJoy mouth operated joystick.


Offers custom imprinted computer keyboard keys and printed key top labels, including big keys with large print, and Braille and Dvorak keyboards.

LaMarca and Associates

Proposes voice recognition software with dictation support and program execution by voice.


Provides speech recognition software for internet based applications to help the visually handicapped.


Wide selection of computer access products, including one-hand keyboards, voice recognition software, mouse alternatives, touch screens, switches and switch access products.


Set of voice command macros developed for Dragon Naturally Speaking programs.


Develops software to control a Windows PC by voice and operate any application.

Niemeijer Consult

Specializes in on-screen keyboard software and touch screens for people with disabilities. Available for Mac OS.

Innovation Management Group

Onscreen keyboards with word prediction and dwell capabilities, joystick controller software, magnifier software, switch input devices.