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This web-page may be distrurbing to some. Reader discretion is advised.
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You Are Not Alone - Quotes on Hunt & Peck

"... Only 5% ... of keyboarders know a touch system - everyone else is in the "hunt and peck" category." ... Teleprint.com. "... That's a great idea, catering to hunt and peck typists, since most people type that way these days" ... Friends Don't Let Friends Type Qwerty

Hunt Style Definition

It's a Jungle Out There. Is Your Keyboard a Fast Hunter?

is it a Qwerty?

. or an XPeRT!


Confession - A Big Reward with No Effort

The XPeRT Keyboard™ was created specifically to speed up typing for Hunt Style typists who do not have the patience to take a course in touch typing or the patience to convert to some faster and better keyboard layout like Dvorak (and totally different and hence discombobulating), in order to escape from the Standard (Qwerty) keyboard speed trap. Return to Top

What Kind of Keyboard do You Want to Drive?

an 1878 Qwerty?

. or an XPeRT 2003!


Hunt and Peck


Much of the above was humour. That doesn't mean it isn't true. Check this cartoon, from the Montreal Gazette.

Take the XPeRT Speed Challenge

"I can't change. I won't do it. Ye canna make me!" That's true. Just like a psychologist's light bulb, you have to want to change. Why bother?

Do you pass the XPeRT Speed Test?

Take a mini typing test in less than a minute, at the Keyboard Speed Test Link. If the standard keyboard keeps you below 40 wpm, try an XPeRT Keyboard NOW!

If you are typing at less than 30 wpm, like most keyboard users, there is a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for improvement. Reach touch typing speeds without any special training! Know any other two finger typists who can do that? Not likely. [1] For typing speed references, visit the Speed Trials page.

How Fast Does Your Keyboard Run?

is it a Qwerty?

. or an XPeRT!


Does Your Keyboard Crawl or does it Fly?

is it Qwerty?

. or XPeRT!


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