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Feedback & FAQs

Feedback or Questions are welcome. Send to: Efforts are made to respond to user questions within 24 hours.

A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page appears on this web-site, to answer common questions from users.

Free Trial Offer

Visit the BUY or TRY page at this web-site, to take advantage of the Free Trial Offer for the XPeRT Keyboard™ product.

The opportunity to test drive XPeRT should make a purchasing decision easy.

Most questions should be answered by the information in the XPeRT Guide provided on this site and with the XPeRT Setup software. XPeRT is activated using standard Windows keyboard language utilities, which are also described in Windows Help.

Technical Support

There are no known problems with the XPeRT Keyboard keycode data file (numbered keycodes) or installation software, which is pretty standard stuff. Current bug count = 0 (zero). In the unlikely event a problem is found at this late date, advise asap at: xpert priority mail.

XPeRT Keyboard, Technical Resources:

Company Information

The XPeRT Keyboard product has been developed by Matrix Networks Ltd., a company with experience in telecommunications, computing and digital signal processing (DSP). The company is based in Vancouver, BC. Canada. The current company mandate is to expand a portfolio of patents in network protocols and speech recognition, to provide superior media handling and higher performance user interface technology.

The Matrix snail mail address is: Matrix, #28597 - 4050 Hastings Street, Burnaby, BC, Canada V5C 6JA. As well, you can send any comments or questions by e-mail to:

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