Arteck HB030B Slim Wireless Portable Keyboard Review

December 14, 2020Steve Fernandes

Arteck HB030B Slim Wireless Portable Keyboard

  • Light and portable makes it easy to carry around for work
  • Decent connectivity and can be paired with most devices
  • Compact size, might not be ideal if you are a heavy user, certainly not for gaming
  • Excellent customer support makes it a complete product
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If you are tired of reading reviews on Arteck HB030B, hold on and look no further, we cover everything you need to know about this specific keyboard model.

In short, if you looking for an all-round keyword under $20, then there is no better option than this. From a sleek design to seamless connection through Bluetooth, it ticks all the right boxes for a cheap keyboard under $20. Let's get to the depth of Arteck HB030B Slim in this review.

Arteck HB030B Performance

This keyboard provides a decent typing experience for the price, the keys are nicely spaced out and you do not feel like it is cramped for space. Yet, the overall size is compact which makes it portable. Connecting to devices is smooth and this compatible with most mainstream devices. The battery life is also quite impressive and can last for 6 months on light to moderate usage.

Arteck HB030B Design

The HB030B features a sleek portable design that is easy to carry anywhere. This is a keyboard that can easily fit in your laptop bag thanks to the low profile keys. There is no compromise on the style factor thanks to the brushed metallic finish.

That said, we would prefer a metal body but for this price tag, the ABS plastic feels sturdy and does not flex during our normal typing sessions.

Arteck HB030B Connectivity

The keyboard features Bluetooth connectivity with wide support for all major Operating Systems. (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac)

Arteck HB030B - Pros and Cons

Arteck HB030B - Who is This For?

The Arteck HB030B is best suited for people looking for an ultra-slim compact keyboard that features a backlight at a low price tag. The rechargeable battery will also be a plus factor for those who don't want to carry extra batteries as some other models use AA or AAA batteries. If you would like to explore more options before making a purchase then you should surely check out our other brand reviews.

FAQs on Arteck HB030B

1. How to Connect Arteck HB030B?

The process of connecting Arteck hb030b is to an bluetooth enabled device is fairly easy. Click on button on the keyboard and then pair the keyboard on the device you'd want to use it on. Once paired, it would be auto connected when bluetooth enabled on both devices.

2. How to turn on and change the backlight color?

You can turn on the backlight by pressing the Fn Key and right Alt key (there is a bulb icon). Once the light is on you can hold down Fn Key and right Alt key again and change the colors by pressing page up or page down keys.

3. Does it work with PlayStation?

Yes, this keyboard is functional on the PS4 and PS4 Pro although some features like the caps lock indicator may not work.

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