Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

December 16, 2020Steve Fernandes

Logitech G710+ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

  • Sturdy build quality with a wide feature set
  • Cherry MX switches that are designed to be quiet
  • Features 6 Programmable Macro Keys
  • Backlight with adjustable brightness but lacks RGB support
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Gamers looking to upgrade their membrane keyboards to something mechanical won't have to look further than the Logitech G710+ for a tried and tested gaming keyboard. Logitech has been a very reliable brand for gaming peripherals, and we are here to help you decide if the G710+ is the right choice for you.

In this Logitech G710 review, we will cover all the important aspects of the keyboard such as the key responsiveness, build quality, and gaming-oriented features. We will also look at how this keyboard feels for normal day to day usage for typing and other work-related tasks as well.

Logitech G710+ Gaming Performance

The G710+ features Cherry MX Blue and Cherry MX Brown switches that have been a staple of good gaming keyboards over the last few years. These keys provide a great typing experience with the responsiveness that you would need when gaming. The keyboard has a max rollover of 26 keys - Which is plenty considering that we have only 10 fingers!

The key layout is a fairly standard affair but Logitech has provided 6 macro keys to the left side of the keyboard that gamers will love. Logitech has done a fairly impressive job with the customizability that the macro switches offer. There is support for single press, complex macros and LUA Scripts (something that both gamers and productivity users will love).

As the connection is wired we did not notice any latency or unresponsiveness during our gaming sessions. The keyboard performs admirably in all games and is a pleasure to type on thanks to the high responsive tactile keys.

Part of the advantage that Mechanical keyboards offer over their Membrane counterpart is the sound and feedback from the keys. The Logitech G710+ switches offer a very satisfying typing experience thanks to the Cherry MX keys, these are also designed to be quieter so it won't be as loud as other mech keyboards on the market which can make the G710+ less distracting. This is a keyboard that you will enjoy writing on when you are not blasting through enemies in your favorite games.

Logitech G710+ Design

Boasting a gaming-oriented design, the Logitech G710+ makes it clear who the target audience is for this keyboard. The full device has a black/grey color scheme with a bright orange accent in the macro keys section. The keyboard's look might feel excessive to minimalist lovers however, Logitech makes up for it by packing it with many useful features that you won't find anywhere else.

One such feature is the dedicated scroll wheel at the top of the keyboard. This is not something we thought we needed at first but found out that it can be pretty handy when reading long articles. You also get 6 dedicated macro switches for those gaming combos along with a suite of media controls.

The keyboard also comes with a removable palm rest for enhanced comfort. The palm rest itself could have been of better quality but for the price tag, we are not complaining.

Now we can't discuss gaming without discussing the RGB features so let's get to that. While the G710+ does have a backlight, it sadly lacks RGB support as it's only one color. That said, the white backlight looks very clear when typing and you get 4 brightness adjustment levels. The keyboard also allows you to change the brightness and backlight of the WSAD and the arrow keys separately. The media and macro keys have a backlight as well.

Logitech G710+ Connectivity

The G710+ has a fairly standard wired USB layout which splits into 2 USB connections. Gamers with a low number of USB ports on their machine might have to watch out as you need to use both ports to get the full feature set. We would have also liked to see a braided cable here.

Logitech G710+ - Pros and Cons

Logitech G710+ - Who is This For?

If you are looking for a sturdy gaming keyboard that features Cherry MX switches and doesn't mind the lack of RGB support then this makes a great choice. The keyboard is jam-packed with all the features that gamers will need and is backed with Logitech's impressive software support and reliability.

The macro keys are also an important aspect to consider as Logitech has an impressive offering here with 6 total programmable keys. Players of games like League of Legends and DOTA will find the feature set to be the most useful. Productivity focused users will also find these handy when setting up macros for video editing, spreadsheets, etc.

We do not recommend this to anyone who wants's to travel with their keyboard as this is a fairly bulky keyboard meant to stay on your gaming setup. We have other brand reviews of ultra-portable keyboards like the Arteck HB030B that you can check out for times when you are on the go.

FAQs on Logitech G710+

1. What keys does the G710+ use?

The Logitech G710+ uses Cherry MX switches with O-rings under each keycap. The keys are also fairly quiet when compared to some of the alternate mech keyboards in this range.

2. Does the G710+ work on Mac?

Yes, the keyboard will work directly by just plugging it in. Extra features like macros will require the Logitech software to be installed on the device.

3. Are the macro keys supported on Linux?

There is no direct support for the macro keys for Linux. The extra features of this keyboard work best with Logitech's software installed which is mainly designed with Windows in mind. There is also support for Apple's macOS.

4. How long is the cable?

The cable is around 6 feet long and comes with 2 USB ports. The quality of the cable feels fairly durable although it is a plastic one. We would have liked to see braiding here.

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