Razer Huntsman Elite – Gaming Keyboard Review

January 14, 2021Steve Fernandes

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

  • Phenomenally fast and functional switches
  • Durable aluminium construction
  • Multi-Functional Dial with media keys
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Whether it is competitive gaming or casual RPGs, using a keyboard with the least amount of latency is important to get an edge above your enemies and the competition. The Huntsman Elite is a keyboard designed specially with the goal of making the key response as instant as possible.

This is thanks to Razer's Optical Mechanical switches that reduces the gap between the reset point from the actuation point. Thus, ensuring the switch behavior to be consistent in either travel directions. Every switch on the keyboard also has its own stabilizer-bar for reducing the wobble in the keys.

The dedicated controls for media are the most attractive and practical aspects of Razer Huntsman. Though there are no USB passthrough and macros in it, but even without them; this keyboard performs amazingly well.

The first port is to be plugged in with the PC for keyboard to function, while the secondary port must be connected to power light rings on the keyboard wrist rest and chassis’s underside. Thus, if there are free ports for USB available, a gamer can activate both the lights as RGB illumination is gorgeous and even. 

The users so far have given satisfactory feedback about it without complaining anything. Expert and amateur gamers are using it for extensive hours, non-stop and it has been taking the pressure of performance.

Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Performance

It is vital to comprehend the performance of Razer Huntsman. Its registering key press using light-based actuation, which creates the actuation distance 30% shorter in comparison to any other click switch by 1.5mm.

The keyboard syncs well with all popular games thus giving the option for complete personalization and gaming immersion. RGB lovers will also be very happy to see the individually backlit keys which support colors in the range of 16.8 million varieties. 

Every key and keypress combination in Razer Huntsman can be successfully remapped for executing complex gaming commands by the user. Consequently making it a very adaptable and practical keyboard the gaming segment.

Razer Huntsman Elite Design

The Huntsman Elite is designed with aesthetics, practicality, durability and performance in mind. The keyboard’s aluminium construction has its top frame made from matte aluminium, which increases its structural integrity.

The top-right corner of the Elite has a dial which is one of the biggest upgrades from the normal Huntsman model. This dual is pronounced well to be utilized by the user comfortably, yet tenuous enough that it doesn’t offset the sleek aesthetics of the keyboard. It doesn’t gets restricted till adjusting game volume, but it can also help adjust zoom, change music track as well as swap weapons in an ongoing game. 

The magnetic ergonomic wrist rest is made of a plush leatherette, for maximizing the comfort for the user over long gaming session. It attaches to the keyboard at its bottom edge with magnet, but it remain gripped in its place with six rubber-feet. This wrist rest has an under-glow lighting built into it, for the convenience of the user.

Razer Huntsman Elite Connectivity

Razer Huntsman can be connected with the PC with the standard USB wired connection, which works flawlessly without the need of installing any additional keyboard software.

Razer Huntsman Elite - Pros and Cons

Razer Huntsman Elite - Who is This For?

Anyone from amateur to expert gamers making use of a keyboard for their PC games can use Razer Huntsman Elite. This has everything that they would need for an uninterrupted gaming experience. Many professional gamers also use it as their main gaming keyboard.

Razer Huntsman Elite - Conclusion

The Huntsman Elite is a brilliant gaming keyboard with cutting edge features and also makes one of the best keyboards for a great typing experience. Especially for users looking for the tactile feel of mechanical key switches

FAQs on Razer Huntsman Elite

1. How to turn off the RGB Backlight?

The Function key will allow you to change the brightness of the backlight or turn it off completely. This can also be achieved using Razer's Synapse software.

2. Is the Huntsman Elite noisy?

This keyboard features mechanical switches which are inherently more noisy than membrane keyboards.

3. Where can I download software for Mac?

Razer's Synapse 3 software offers fully fledged features on the Windows Operating System. Mac users can opt for Synapse 2 however, that will result in limited functionality and the keyboard itself is designed with Windows in mind.

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