Best One Handed Gaming Keyboards 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

One hand keyboards can take the gaming experience to a whole new level. They are superior to regular QWERTY keyboards for gaming in many ways. First, they enable the gamers who play multiplayer games to streamline their game, as they only need one hand to operate.

Thus, the gamers are not required to move around as much, improving their response time in multiplayer gaming. Secondly, they come with wrist pads and customizable controls for support.

Thirdly, since the user can control this keyboard with their left hand, it leaves their right hand free to use the mouse. Hence, it offers multitasking at its finest. It is the perfect setup to execute commands faster and beat your opponents in a multiplayer game.

However, buying a one hand keyboard can be a bit tricky. There is a great deal of product differentiation when it comes to one hand keyboards, and you will have to consider a number of specs and features before buying one for yourself.

Therefore, in this article, we will help you choose the best one handed keyboard for your gaming setup. We will review some of the best one handed gaming keyboards in the market, and list down all the important factors that you must be aware of while buying one.

Best One Handed Gaming Keyboard 2023

1. RedThunder One-handed Membrane

Budget Pick

RedThunder One-handed Membrane

  • Ergonomic design – perfect for gaming enthusiasts 
  • Made using high quality, durable ABS material 
  • RGB backlighting for an immersive gaming experience in the dark

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The RedThunder one-handed gaming keyboard is a great device for gaming enthusiasts, as it comes loaded with all the features important for a multiplayer gaming keyboard. It boasts an ergonomic design and feels great in your hand. This is a membrane keyboard, built using high quality ABS material, which adds to the durability of the device.

You can game on it for years to come. Moreover, RedThunder claims that this keyboard supports more than 10 million keystrokes. Thus, you won’t be required to change the keys or keycaps from time to time. There are 35 keys on this keyboard.

This one-hand keyboard also boasts a fast response time of 3 ms, so that you do not lose control during multiplayer gaming. Besides, all 35 keys of this keyboard feature anti-ghosting technology, meaning that each of your inputs will be recorded perfectly.

Another great thing about this keyboard is that its keys are macro-programmable. In addition to all this, this one-handed gaming keyboard features RGB backlighting, which can be customized. You can choose between 7 different color modes. You can set the backlighting to be either static or dynamic, according to your preference.
For a comfortable gaming experience, and so that your hand does not get tired from long hours of gaming, it also comes with a comfortable palm rest. Because of all these incredible features, this RedThunder keyboard has made it to the top of our list as one of the best one handed gaming keyboards in the market.

2. Redragon K585 DITI

Budget Pick

Redragon K585 DITI

  • Switches offer a clicky and tactile feedback 
  • Adjustable RGB backlighting with a 16 million colour customization 
  • 42 keys, of which 7 support macro-programming

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Redragon manufactures some of the best peripherals for gaming setups. It makes products which boast of a high quality, and the Redragon K585 DITI is not any different. It has 42 keys in total, of which 7 are macro-programmable. The keyboard offers 28 programming settings.

It has OUTEMU Blue Switches, which offer clicky and tactile feedback. These switches are known for their amazing clicks and a shorter actuation distance, making it the perfect keyboard for those who are intensive gamers. Moreover, the keyboard offers RGB backlighting for an immersive gaming experience in the dark.

You can customize the backlight both on the keyboard, using the function key, and on your computer, using Redragon’s dedicated software meant for the same. It allows you to choose from more than 16 million colour combinations. You can set the backlight to either be static or dynamic, in accordance with your preference.

In addition, this one-hand keyboard has an ergonomic design and is fitted with a detachable magnetic wrist rest. This dedicated wrist rest helps you rest your palms and wrist with no stress and strain. It prevents your hand from getting tired after long hours of gaming.

Moreover, this keyboard supports a full n-key rollover, to record all your responses correctly. However, it does not feature anti-ghosting technology, which is a major drawback. Another drawback of this product is that you cannot adjust its height according to your convenience.

3. NPET T20 One-handed

Budget Pick

NPET T20 One-handed

  • Membrane keyboard with 38 essential buttons for gaming
  • ABS keycaps for durability 
  • Anti-ghosting technology and 3 programmable macro keys

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The NPET T20 is meant for the ultimate gaming performance and is also more economical in terms of pricing than most other one-handed gaming keyboards. It is in fact, one of the best one handed gaming keyboards in the market. It boasts a plethora of features, which are curated for serious gamers.

It is a membrane keyboard, consisting of 38 buttons, of which 3 support macro-programming. 19 of these buttons are keyboard keys. Moreover, the keyboard features customizable RGB backlighting, with 8 different backlighting combinations to choose from. You can select your preferred backlighting customization with the press of a few buttons.

The keycaps on this keyboard have a sturdy and durable ABS construction. These are UV coated with injection laser carving, ensuring that the letters of the characters never fade. Moreover, this keyboard features anti-ghosting technology, giving accurate responses with high speed.

It is also water-resistant, protecting against damage from accidental spills of water and other liquids. The keyboard also offers a comfortable palm rest, so that your hands do not get tired from gaming at a stretch. All in all, this is a great one hand gaming keyboard, with top-notch aesthetics and incredible features.

4. ENHANCE One-handed

Budget Pick

ENHANCE One-handed

  • 7 colour backlighting with different lighting effects
  • Simple and plain design with 35 keys 
  • Responsive membrane keys and a good quality connector

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While Enhance might be a brand unheard of by many, this is certainly a wonderful keyboard, with lots of dedicated features for gaming. One of the main reasons we’re recommending this keyboard is its minimalistic and simple design. It has 35 buttons, of which all are keyboard keys.

You won’t find any unnecessary buttons on this keyboard, and thus, it will help you have a seamless gaming experience on your computer. There is a LED backlight, which offers 2 dynamic lighting effects and 7 different colors to choose from. Moreover, it offers 2 keys for macro-programming. These keys can be programmed from the keyboard itself, eliminating the use of complicated software for programming.

This keyboard also boasts of a water-resistant architecture, and is, therefore, meant to offer protection against accidental water and liquid spills. The excess moisture is channeled towards the bottom of the hand rest and is drained through the dedicated drainage ports.

And speaking of the hand rest: yes, this keyboard, too, comes with hand rest, so that you can comfortably enjoy long hours of multiplayer gaming. Moreover, the braided USB connector on this keyboard is made to last for a long time, adding to the durability of this product. This plug and play keyboard is covered under a three-year warranty, as well. However, one major drawback of this one-handed gaming keyboard is that it does not feature anti-ghosting or n-key rollover.

5. Koolertron One Handed

Budget Pick

Koolertron One Handed

  • Removable USB cable, making way for an easy repair
  • All 23 buttons are programmable 
  • RGB backlit switches for great aesthetics and an immersive gaming experience

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While this product is on a bit pricier side, it has some incredible features which can’t be found on most other products. This one hand keyboard features a minimalistic design in a rectangular shape, and has 23 buttons (all of which are keyboard keys). Moreover, all the 23 keys on this keyboard support macro-programming, which is a great advantage for you in multiplayer gaming.

12 of these macro keys are advanced macros, while the other 11 support quick macro programming. The macro functions can be used in series as well and you can execute up to 792 key commands, which can meet the requirements for complex usage scenarios, such as Office shortcuts, CAD/Ae/Pr/Ps shortcuts, basic codes for programmers, and so on.

Furthermore, you can program the 23 keys to act as multimedia buttons, keyboard shortcuts, Windows lock, navigation buttons, etc. Thus, the all-key macro programming support is one of the most distinctive features of this keyboard.

In addition, this keyboard features a built-in MCU. It allows the keyboard functions to be stored in the keyboard MCU, once it is set up. There is no need to reset the keyboard, even when you replace the computer, or plug the keyboard into a different computer. This feature not only makes this product perfect for the gamers, but also for other kinds of users, such as video editors.

This portable, plug and play one-handed gaming keyboard also comes with a detachable USB cable. This means that if for some reason, your connector develops a defect, you won’t have to open the keyboard to repair the wire. Instead, you can simply change the connector, saving a lot of time and money.

Besides, the keyboard also features an RGB LED backlighting for a superior gaming experience in the dark. The backlighting can be customized from the keyboard itself. It supports 4 different kinds of cool lighting effects, along with brightness adjustability.

6. RedThunder One Handed

Budget Pick

RedThunder One Handed

  • Mechanical keyboard with durable Blue switches 
  • Ergonomic design, featuring a hand rest 
  • RGB backlighting with 9 built-in colours and 5 backlight modes

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This is another magnificent one handed keyboard by RedThunder, and is even better in certain respects than the first ones on this list. A key selling point of this keyboard is that it comes with mechanical keys, instead of membrane keys.

As such, this mechanical keyboard is structured with great quality blue switches, reinforced at the joint, making the keys more stable and durable. The keys offer minimum resistance and have an audible click sound. They are meant for providing crisp, precise, tactile and feedback for the ultimate gaming performance.

Moreover, this keyboard also supports macro recording of keys. While there are 35 buttons on this keyboard, 7 of them can be programmed to execute complex commands. The macro recording can be done on the keyboard itself, and you will require no additional software.

Furthermore, this keyboard boasts of an ergonomic design and comes with hand rest, so that your hands do not get tired from gaming at a stretch. Its small size not only makes it easy to carry but also saves you space.

There is also a built-in LED RGB backlight, with 9 backlight colours and 5 different backlight modes. It allows you to enjoy an immersive multiplayer gaming experience, especially in the dark, while also adding to the aesthetics of your gaming setup. Moreover, this is a waterproof device, protecting your keyboard against accidental water and liquid spills.

7. AULA 30 Programmable Keys

Budget Pick

AULA 30 Programmable Keys

  • Unique looking device, with 104 buttons, stacked inside a small space 
  • 30 programmable macro keys 
  • Blue mechanical switches for the ultimate gaming experience

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The AULA one handed gaming keyboard provides the best ergonomics to the users. It has a large number of keys – a total of 104 keys are stacked within this small device. At the same time, 30 of these keys support macro-programming. You can program them as hotkeys, and use them as shortcuts for various purposes.

They can also serve you better while playing multiplayer games. Besides, this keyboard features blue mechanical switches for an incredible gaming experience. These switches offer profound tactile feedback. AULA claims that these keys can support more than 50 million keystrokes, and hence, they will last for a long period of time.

Moreover, this keyboard also features a hand rest, so that your hands do not get tired from long hours of gaming. The ergonomic design of this keyboard is definitely a plus, making it desirable for those who are into intensive gaming.

On top of these features, you also get dedicated multimedia buttons on this keyboard. The keys also have a shorter actuation distance and have a 50 g actuation force. RGB LED backlighting is also offered on this device.

There are 5 pre-programmed, cool backlighting modes and you can customize the backlight from the keyboard itself. However, one of the major drawbacks of this product is that it does not have anti-ghosting or full n-key rollover features.

8. MoModer One Hand Combo

Budget Pick

MoModer One Hand Combo

  • Combo product – combination of one handed keyboard and a wired gaming mouse
  • Plug and play 
  • Comes in an ergonomic design with a dedicated hand rest

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This is the only combo product, i.e. a combination of a keyboard and a mouse, which has made itself to our list of the best one handed gaming keyboards. A combo product like this one saves money, as it offers two different products for a smaller price. The MoModer one handed keyboard features an ergonomic design, and is comfortable for long durations of gaming on your computer.

There is a dedicated hand rest to prevent your hands from getting tired. The entire setup is wired, including the gaming mouse, and hence, you do not have to worry about losing connectivity or charging the devices from time to time. It boasts of a simple plug and play method of connectivity.  You require no extra driver on neither Windows, nor Mac devices for using this one handed keyboard and the mouse.

The USB mouse is made of high quality ABS plastic, which adds to its durability. The mouse has a unique breathing light, which not only adds to the aesthetics of your gaming setup, but also offers functional usage in terms of gaming in the dark. The curved design on the mouse is meant to provide the most comfortable gaming experience. The gaming keyboard also features an RGB LED backlight.

However, the backlighting on either device is not adjustable. It is a static light, and you neither have the option to change the colour, nor to make the backlight dynamic/breathing. One plus point, however, is that the backlight penetrates through the actual letters, and thus, it helps you see even better in the dark.

The keyboard comes with 35 keys, and has a simple and easy layout, with no extra buttons apart from the keyboard keys essential for gaming. They are sensitive, fast and quiet. However, none of these keys support macro programming, which is a major drawback with this product.

The keyboard also does not offer a full n-key rollover or anti-ghosting technology. Moreover, it is not a mechanical keyboard, either. But, the company does mention that the keys are conflict free. MoModer claims that the switches are built in a way such that they can last for 10 million switch life cycles.

9. Cakce RGB One-Handed

Budget Pick

Cakce RGB One-Handed

  • Mechanical keyboard with an ergonomic design and a hand rest
  • Customizable RGB LED backlighting 
  • Macro recording of keys 

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The Cakce one handed gaming keyboard is an affordable option, and is loaded with all the features that one expects from a gaming keyboard. It is a 35-key mechanical keyboard, perfect for using with a single hand. It is meant to enrich your online multiplayer gaming experience.

It features RGB backlighting, with multiple modes available to customize the lighting according to your needs. It comes with several different modes, such as light judgment mode, raising mode, running mode, snowing mode, and breathing mode. All these various modes not only serve to intensify the aesthetic of this device but at the same time, they help enrich your gaming experience in the dark.

Furthermore, 7 out of the 35 buttons on this keyboard support macro recording and deletion, so that you can get more function out of your keyboard. It has a curved keypad layout for better comfort and functionality.

The ergonomic design of this keyboard is coupled with a palm rest, which is meant to prevent your hand from getting tired from gaming at a stretch. While the company claims that this keyboard has non-conflicting keys, it does not feature anti-ghosting and n-key rollover technologies.

The variety of functions and lighting options on this keyboard are complemented by the fact that this is a plug and play device, and requires no separate software for setting it up. It is because of these features that this Cakce RGB Mechanical keyboard has featured in our list of the best one-handed keyboards for gaming.

10. MageGee One-Handed RGB

Budget Pick

MageGee One-Handed RGB

  • Mechanical keyboard with black switches for a tactile feedback 
  • Four programmable keys 
  • Ergonomic design – comes with a hand rest

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The MageGee one handed gaming keyboard is an economical device, and comes loaded with a number of features meant for gaming. It is a mechanical keyboard, consisting of 35 keys. It uses black switches for tactile feedback and a quieter click, which is ideal for intensive multiplayer gaming.

The keys are arranged in a unique layout, in which some keys are placed slightly higher than the others, so that you can have a comfortable gaming experience. Moreover, each of the keys have a double shot injected molded keycap, which ensures that the letters are clear, and they won’t scratch or fade away over time.

The keys are arranged in a conflict free layout, and you can press multiple keys at the same time. However, the MageGee does not mention the use of n-key rollover and anti ghosting technologies on this product, which might be a disappointment for many gamers.

This is a simple, plug and plays keyboard, and it comes with a cord for connectivity. You, therefore, don’t need to worry about charging the batteries or face difficulties in establishing connection with your computer. In addition, this keyboard also features 4 programmable keys, which can be macro-recorded to serve different functions. The keys can be programmed on the keyboard itself.

Besides, this keyboard comes with an RGB LED backlighting. The backlighting is customizable, as you can choose from multiple backlight modes at the press of a couple of buttons. You can also adjust the brightness of the backlight from the keyboard itself. The compact size and the ergonomic design of this keyboard makes it portable and easy to lay out anywhere. It also comes with a dedicated hand rest, so that your hands do not get tired from long hours of gaming.

Factors To Consider While Buying A One Handed Gaming Keyboard

1. Keypad Type

One handed gaming keyboards typically comprise two types of keys: mechanical keys and membrane keys. Mechanical keys have switches under them, which are activated upon pressing the keys. They are strong and durable, and are the best keys for gaming.

Moreover, they tend to have a shorter actuation distance, and offer a clicky and tactile feedback. Membrane keys work when an electrical signal passes through them. They have latency issues, and hence, the gamers prefer mechanical keyboards over membrane keyboards.

2. Backlighting

Backlighting is one of the most important purchase factors for any keyboard, and this holds true for one handed gaming keyboards, as well. In fact, all the best one handed gaming keyboards, which we have reviewed in this article feature LED backlighting. Backlighting not only adds to the aesthetics of your gaming setup, but is also extremely functional when you play games in the dark.

While some keyboards offer endless customization in terms of backlighting, others offer none. If you are a die-hard gamer, we would suggest you to go for a one handed keyboard on which you can get at least some amount of customization in terms of backlighting.

3. Programmable Keys

This is one of the most important factors to consider while buying a one handed keyboard, especially if you are a serious gamer. The macro programming feature allows you to change the default behaviour of the keys, and make them perform other actions. A number of products that we have reviewed here offer macro programming.

Some keyboards can be programmed in real time. They come with an onboard customization feature, through which you can program the keys on the keyboard itself. You just need to press certain keys, or a combination of keys to record macros.

Other keyboards use dedicated software for programming. Using the software on the computer, you can record macros and remap keys on your one handed gaming keyboard.

The best keyboards are those which provide the maximum number of programmable keys. Thus, we would suggest you check out the number of programmable keys on a one handed gaming keyboard before purchasing it.

4. Switch Type

Switches are an essential component of any mechanical keyboard. They are located below the individual keys, and they make the keyboard more durable and easy to repair. The three main types of switches on one handed mechanical keyboards are linear, tactile and clicky switches.

Linear switches tend to feel smooth when pressed. Tactile switches feature a bump partway through the keypress, so that you come to know that the key has been pressed. Clicky switches, on the other hand, are similar to tactile switches in principle. However, a major difference is that these switches make a click sound to match the tactile bump when pressed.

The choice of switch usually depends on your preference. Some gamers, for instance, like linear switches, because they do not like the hardness and the click sound of the tactile and clicky switches. Others prefer the latter, just for their click sound.

5. Ergonomic Design

Comfort is the key to optimal game play, and therefore, keyboards need to be ergonomic. A wrist rest, also known as a hand rest is  a must for a one handed gaming keyboard. It keeps your hand comfortable, without leaving any gaps. A wrist rest ensures that your hand does not get tired from gaming at a stretch. For optimal results, you must go for a product that comes with a padded wrist rest.

6. Removable Cable

Keyboards with removable USB cables are always better than those which come with a built-in cable. This is because it is easier to replace a detachable cable when it goes bad rather than replacing the entire keyboard, or opening up the keyboard painstakingly just to diagnose a wire flaw.

FAQs on One Hand Gaming Keyboards

Q1. Are One Handed Gaming Keyboards Worth It?

A one handed gaming keyboard is certainly, not meant for casual gamers. They can just do fine with a regular keyboard and a mouse.

It is the pros, who are into intensive multiplayer gaming, who will benefit the most from the use of one handed keyboards. We have included some of the best one handed gaming keyboards in our review, and if you are a gamer, you should definitely check them out.

Since the buttons in a one handed keyboard are stacked in a small space,you can use it with just one hand. This can heavily cut down on the reaction time, which is what the heavy duty gamers want in any multiplayer game.

Besides, these keyboards come with programmable buttons to suit the exact needs of the gameplay. These keyboards can be programmed to switch to different modes for different games, and are thus, near-perfect devices for gaming.

Q2. Can I Type Full Sentences With A One-handed Keyboard?

Well, the answer is no. A one-hand gaming keyboard has most of its letters missing. They are meant for single-handed usage, and you won’t be even familiar with the layout for typing.

These keyboards are specifically designed for gamers and are not meant to be used as a substitute for a regular keyboard for any other purpose. However, some tech-savvy users can type small sentences and commands on these keyboards during multiplayer gameplay.

Q3. Is It Very Difficult To Learn How To Use A One-handed Gaming Keyboard?

If you are using a one handed keyboard for the first time for gaming, we would suggest you don’t use it on an important gaming night. This is because, just like a full-sized keyboard, the learning curve for a single handed keyboard is rather steep. Besides, most users are familiar with using two hands while using


One handed gaming keyboards are fascinating devices, and are meant to enrich your gaming experience. It allows you to reduce your response time by executing commands faster, which is very essential for a multiplayer gameplay.

However, while buying one for yourself, you need to be careful, as there are a number of things to consider. In this article, we have listed down all these considerations, and have also reviewed some of the best one handed gaming keyboards in the market. Go through this article thoroughly, and make a choice that best suits your requirements.


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