Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The gaming industry is one of the largest industries in the world at present and gaming accessories are in high demand. A good gaming keyboard is one of the most fundamental aspects of a complete gaming setup and every serious gamer should make the right investment in a functional gaming keyboard.

Most of the modern gaming keyboards preferred by gamers are clicky and tactile. This means that they give you a high degree of tactile feedback and also make a clicky sound whenever you press a particular key. However, this feature associated with mechanical keyboards is not much appreciated by some gamers.  In this article, we will explore some alternative options for mechanical keyboards.

We will look at some gaming keyboards which are quiet and can be used by people who are not fans of clicky keyboard sounds. Our ultimate aim is to find the best quiet keyboard for gaming and we have compiled a list of products that you can choose from. We will also discuss a few important factors that will help you to determine the overall value of a gaming keyboard and whether it is worth the investment or not.

Top 8 Best Quiet Gaming Keyboards 2023

1. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

Top Pick

Corsair K70 RGB MK.2

  • Full-sized wired mechanical gaming keyboard 
  • Aircraft-grade anodized aluminium frame for enhanced durability 
  • 8 MB worth of profile storage options with space for 3 different profiles 
  • Individual key backlighting with RGB features, for better visual aesthetics

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At number one position is Corsair, one of the most trusted and popular brands in the field of gaming accessories and PC components. Corsair has established itself as one of the pioneers of modern gaming keyboards and the Corsair K70 ticks all the boxes for users looking for a quiet mechanical gaming keyboard. The first thing that strikes you about this keyboard is its superior build quality. The aircraft-grade anodized aluminum frame is extremely durable and built for long uninterrupted and intense gaming sessions.

Also, just like all Corsair products, they  can be configured using Corsair’s very own iCUE software.  Furthermore, it gives you dedicated buttons for multimedia and volume control which makes your gaming experience a lot smoother and more enjoyable. The low-profile  Cherry MX switches provide good tactile feedback while also having a low sound output threshold. For all these reasons, we are sure that this would be a great option for any gamer.

2. CORSAIR Strafe RGB MK.2

Budget Pick


  • Full-sized mechanical RGB gaming keyboard
  • 8 MB space for storing different profile with customized settings in gaming profiles
  • Cherry MX mechanical switches are known for 30 percent less noise

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At number two is Corsair Strafe. . This keyboard  can  definitely be classed as one of the best if not the best quiet gaming keyboard.

Just like our previous keyboard from Corsair, this one also has a really impressive set of features that are ideal for casual as well as competitive gamers. The iCUE software gives you the chance to program the macro keys according to your own convenience. The Cherry MX mechanical switches are also known for their minimal sound output and quiet operations leading to ultra-immersive gaming experiences.  Overall, we are very impressed with this keyboard and what it brings to gamers.

3. Redragon K509-RGB

Budget Pick

Redragon K509-RGB

  • A full-sized compact gaming keyboard 
  • Ergonomic waterproof design that enhances the expected lifespan 
  • Compatible with all of the latest Windows version and also limited Mac OS support

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Redragon is one of the most promising up-and-coming brands in the field of gaming and PC accessories.   The K509 is an ideal choice for a quiet gaming keyboard. With a total of 104-keys and a really sleek and compact design, it offers the best of both worlds. This means that you will get all the essential key switches found on standard full-sized gaming keyboards. The ABS construction and precise engineered keycaps are capable of giving you the ultimate gaming experience that all gamers desire.

The great thing about this keyboard is that it gives you a good degree of tactile feedback and yet produces really low levels of noise. This combination has catapulted it to the top of the keyboard sales charts as far as gaming is concerned. The individual keys also have lower levels of resistance which results in ease of usage with the right amount of tactile feedback. And just like some of the other best gaming keyboards, the K509  also has gaming friendly features such as N-key rollover and  anti-ghosting feature.

If we are to speak about RGB backlighting options, the Redragon K509 does not leave much to be desired. Not only does it come with 6 different preset backlight options, but also features multiple colour options, 4 different brightness levels as well as adjustable breathing speed. All of these make it ideal for customization and lets you set up your keyboard according to your preferred visual choices.

4. SteelSeries Apex 3

Budget Pick

SteelSeries Apex 3

  • Full sized RGb gaming keyboard with dedicated wrist rest 
  • 10 zone RGB illumination that gives you detailed customization options 
  • Classical qwerty layout with dedicated media buttons

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The SteelSeries APex 3 is positioned  at number 4 in our list of the best quiet gaming keyboards currently available on Amazon. This one has a 5- star rating, which is a testament to its popularity. The build quality of this keyboard  is probably its biggest feature, as a lot of people have reported in reviews.

Based upon our testing procedures as well as online ratings, this keyboard is capable of giving you a highly immersive gaming experience with minimum audio feedback. Another major highlight of this keyboard is that it features whisper-quiet switches which are specially designed to give you the quietest gaming experience.

Another important feature of this keyboard is that it is IP32 water-resistant. This protects the keyboard from accidental spillages. The dedicated multimedia controls are also hugely helpful during intense high-speed gaming sessions. All these factors have made SteelSeries APex3 a huge success in the market.

5. Razer BlackWidow Elite

Budget Pick

Razer BlackWidow Elite

  • Full size wired gaming keyboard 
  • Features tactile and silent keys that are perfect for total gaming immersion 
  • Full software support

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The next quiet gaming keyboard that we have shortlisted is the Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. It has a really impressive rating on Amazon and based upon our review and analysis, it is definitely a worthy keyboard to invest in, as it ticks a lot of boxes.

The mechanical switches are designed for higher levels of accuracy. This is particularly useful for competitive gamers as well as those who play FPS shooter games like Fortnite and PUBG, where success and failure depend on  differences in milliseconds.

Apart from the focus on higher levels of precision, the Razer BlackWidow Elite Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has an impressive tactile feedback capacity. With higher tactile feedback, you will get some audio feedback as well, but it is definitely lower than most other mechanical keyboards using standard Blue Outemu switches or Cherry MX switches.

An actuation force of 45 g is ideal for most gamers and this makes it one of the most popular gaming keyboards in the market. Additionally, this keyboard also offers you full personalization and customization options and a whole lot of other impressive features, thanks to the Razer Chroma, which is Razer’s very own programmable software.

6. Razer Cynosa V2

Budget Pick

Razer Cynosa V2

  • Full sized RGB low sound gaming keyboard 
  • Features specially designed gaming grade keys 
  • Provided with a  2-year manufacturing warranty

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The Razer Cynosa V2 Gaming Keyboard is another highly rated keyboards that  does not make much noise. This one is a perfect example of a well-balanced keyboard, which  fits into a relatively compact space compared to most other full sized mechanical keyboards. It is capable of executing up to 10 commands at a time, thanks to the anti-ghosting feature which is such a massive requirement for the gaming keyboards of today.

The individual backlit keys are great for dimly lit environments. Gamers would love the feel of using this keyboard not only because of the build quality but also because of its  aesthetic presence. The dedicated media keys allow you to control different options such as volume, brightness, and the ability to play, slip, stop etc.

The Razer Synapse 3 software is one of the highly rated keyboard software in the industry and it gives you total freedom to rearrange your macros based on your preferences. This keyboard is quite popular with its dedicated gaming grade keys that produce really low amounts of noise. We are convinced that this one could well be the best quiet gaming keyboard that is available on Amazon currently.

7. HyperX Alloy Elite 2

Budget Pick

HyperX Alloy Elite 2

  • Full sized RGB gaming keyboard 
  • Features USB passthrough for better wire management 
  • Compatible with PC, PS4, and Xbox1

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HyperX is a popular upcoming brand when it comes to gaming accessories and the Alloy Elite 2 is probably their best rated gaming keyboard on Amazon. When we talk about design and aesthetics, this keyboard really hits the sweet spot with a stylish finish on the sides and an extensive RGB backlighting network that will make any new user drool.

The ABS pudding keycaps are different from many switches used by popular gaming keyboards, as they manage to balance responsiveness with accuracy and precision, thus leading to a very fulfilling gaming experience.

The build quality shows that the Allow Elite 2 is not just about style and visuals. It’s also highly rated in terms of durability and long-term usage efficiency. It also comes with different dedicated keys for managing functions such as audio, media options, etc. Overall, this is a very good keyboard that meets your gaming requirements and is worth investing in.

8. Logitech G915

Budget Pick

Logitech G915

  • Wireless gaming keyboard
  • Ten-key less design with no separate numeric pad 
  • Battery life of 40 hours on average

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Logitech needs no introduction to PC and gaming enthusiasts, as it is undoubtedly one of the best in the business when it comes to manufacturing peripherals accessories that embody the idea of performance and style. The G915 sports a really elegant ten-key less design, which means that it is slightly more compact when compared to full sized gaming keyboards. This is also a wireless gaming keyboard so it can work perfectly for people who travel a lot.

It offers you the chance of having a clean wireless hassle free gaming station. You have 3 different switch options to choose from – GL Tactile, GL Linear or GL Clicky. Make sure to note that this is not a full size keyboard as it is smaller and a lot more compact. Based upon these factors, you should definitely consider it, if you are looking for a wireless gaming keyboard for your gaming station.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Quiet Gaming Keyboard

1. Wired/Wireless

Quiet Gaming keyboards are of two types just like regular gaming keyboards. They can be divided into wired and wireless devices and both have certain benefits and limitations that we will discuss in this section. First of all, it is clear that wireless devices give you a lot of flexibility in terms of usage options and are great for carrying around.

They are a little bit costlier as compared to regular gaming keyboards. Obviously,  wireless gaming keyboards can be extremely useful for people who travel a lot and like to play games on the go because of their professional obligations.

Wired keyboards comprise the bulk of the gaming keyboard market as in most cases, gamers usually have a dedicated station where they play their favourite games. If you have a pre-existing gaming station to play games then the wired gaming keyboard is probably your best option from a cost to performance ratio.

Another important point that requires a mention is that some of the wireless keyboards come with input lag. Input lag is an issue where the computer is not able to process the command  quickly while pressing a particular key. It takes a few extra milliseconds for the command to be processed and reflected on the screen. This issue is completely non-existent in the case of wired gaming keyboards.

So if you play a lot of competitive multiplayer games or shooting games, we would recommend you to go for a good wired gaming keyboard, as they would suit your purpose to the best possible extent. There are wireless gaming keyboards as well which have really low input lag but they tend to be slightly more expensive.

2. Types Of Keys

Most gamers like using mechanical switches for gaming purposes and are of 3 different varieties in general. These are – Linear, Tactile, and Clicky switches, and all of them offer various combinations of tactile and audio feedback.

Linear switches are easier to use as  they have less resistance compared to the other two. As linear switches do not have a dome or compress of a click to overcome, the keys can be pressed at a faster pace. This also results in faster results on screen.  For these reasons, linear switches are often preferred by gamers who play online multiplayer games or shooting games where speed is the most essential factor.

In the case of tactile and clicky switches, it offers you immediate tactile feedback with the sound of a click every time a keystroke is successfully registered by the computer. This leads to improvements in typing and makes you more efficient in terms of using a keyboard. This point at which you know for sure that the key has been pressed and registered, you get a bump or a tactile feel that is called the actuation point.

This means that the key has been registered and you do not need to push the key switch all the way down to register the command. This leads to faster typing and better arcade gaming owing to better button mashing possibilities. Button mashing is a tool where you have to press a particular key multiple times in a game to get  the  desired result.

We will talk about a few of the popular switches that are found on most gaming keyboards in the section below.

Cherry MX Black switches are linear switches that  have an actuation force of around 60g approx. They are some of the quietest keys around and operate silently . It offers up to 50 million keystrokes per key on average.

Then we have Cherry MX Blue switches which have a slightly more clicky feel to them. These switches are quite loud in their operations and they require a slightly higher actuation force. It is considered to be the best for typing.

3. Size

Gaming keyboards can generally be divided into two main categories in terms of size. You have the option of going for full sized keyboards which have all the essential buttons and a separate number pad as well on the right hand side. Then you have the option of going for partial gaming keyboards. These are available in  60 percent and 75 percent variants,  which can do a very good job. The size of the keyboard will ultimately depend upon your requirements and the space in your gaming station. If there are  no space constraints, go h for a full sized keyboard otherwise you can  explore the partial alternatives.

FAQs on Quite Gaming Keyboards

Q1. Which Keyboard Switches Are The Quietest?

Generally, Cherry MX Brown switches are considered to be the quietest among all. You still get a decent tactile feedback from the switch bump but it feels a lot less clicky and does not make as much noise as a Cherry MX Blue switch for example.

Q2. Why Are Gaming Keyboards So Loud?

Mechanical keyboards will always make more noise as compared to traditional membrane keyboards with rubber dome switches. The actuation mechanism of mechanical switches is set up in such a way that they make a clicky noise when each individual key press is registered.


In this article, we tried to unearth the hidden gems in the field of gaming keyboards. We especially looked for keyboards that are quiet and in our search for the ideal quiet gaming keyboard, we came across numerous good brands and their top rated products. We included as many of them as possible in our list of the best quiet keyboards for gaming purposes and we hope that you can find one that suits your expectations.

We also tried to outline a few important factors to consider the overall value of a gaming keyboard. Finally, we ended with a few important questions that are commonly doing the rounds in numerous online forums regarding quiet gaming keyboards. We hope this article helps you to find the right keyboard for your gaming needs.


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