Best Wireless Keyboard For Samsung Smart TV 2023: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

In recent years, technological innovations have given birth to some fascinating gadgets, which have changed our modes of entertainment. A TV is a common gadget found across households. However, today, TVs can do a lot of things that they could not do before.

Smart TVs enable users to watch their favourite shows and movies on OTT platforms like Netflix, Hotstar, and Prime. They can also listen to their favourite music on Spotify and Prime Music.

When it comes to smart TVs, Samsung rules the market with its innovative products. The company makes some of the best smart TVs, outperforming its competitors.

However, one of the key drawbacks of using a smart TV is that you need to use the same, old remote for navigating through menus and apps. This becomes a tiresome and tedious exercise, as these remotes are, in no way, suited for user-friendly navigation.

To solve this problem, small-sized wireless keyboards can be purchased. However, you need to be aware of a number of specs, features, and pricing details, before buying one of your own Samsung Smart TVs.

In this article, therefore, we will review some of the best wireless keyboards for Samsung smart TVs. We will also provide you with a list of things which you must look for while buying a wireless keyboard.

Top 8 Best Wireless Keyboards for Samsung Smart TV 2023

1. Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard

Top Pick

Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard

  • Compact design well-suited for the living room 
  • Backlit keyboard with an auto-adjusted backlight intensity
  • Smooth touchpad with an accurate cursor control

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Logitech is one of the most renowned keyboard brands across the globe. The Logitech K830 shall perfectly complement your Samsung Smart TV, with its premium looks, wide range of features, and compact design.

It is a backlit keyboard, which allows you to perfectly navigate through the menus, or type your OTT app’s login details even in the dark. Moreover, the backlight automatically adjusts itself to the ambient lighting conditions of your room.

It is a 15-inch wide keyboard, and is coupled with hot keys for volume control. There are other shortcut keys for easy navigation. Moreover, the product features an in-built touchpad with accurate cursor control.

The battery is designed to last for 10 days on a single charge. It has a great Bluetooth range of 10 metres, allowing you to connect it remotely to your Samsung Smart TV.

2. Fosmon Mini Wireless Keyboard

Budget Pick

Fosmon Mini Wireless Keyboard

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Good range 
  • In-built touchpad for a rich user experience

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The Fosmon Mini wireless keyboard offers some incredible features, making it one of the best wireless keyboards for Samsung Smart TV. It has an excellent build quality and a compact design, measuring just 6 inches in width.
It has reasonable pricing and it seamlessly connects itself to the Smart TV using Bluetooth. Moreover, with the use of Bluetooth 3.0, it offers a working range of up to 33 feet.
This means that you can use it remotely, without worrying about losing connectivity. Besides, with the in-built touchpad, you can easily navigate through the menus.
It is a backlit keyboard, allowing you to use it in a dark room. However, the backlighting does not automatically adjust to the ambient lighting conditions inside the room.
The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it can last up to 10 days (if you work continuously on it) on a single charge.
It also offers a 50-day standby time on a single charge. The most attractive thing about this product, however, is that Fosmon offers a limited lifetime warranty on this keyboard.

3. YAGALA Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard

Budget Pick

YAGALA Backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard

  • Offers a great value for money
  • Attractive design and comes with an in-built touchpad 
  • Three backlight colour options

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This product has a unique Apple-like design, which makes it stand out among other wireless keyboards meant for Smart TVs. Moreover, it is more compact than any other wireless keyboard with an in-built touchpad.
It measures only 4 and a half inches in width and weighs around 115 grams. The soft silicone keys are meant to provide maximum comfort while typing. The compact design makes it a portable device.
The touchpad offers a high degree of cursor accuracy. Moreover, with three different backlight options, you can enjoy a rich experience while using this keyboard in a dark room.
Apart from Smart TVs, it is also compatible with a wide range of devices, such as projectors, laptops, PCs, etc. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts for a considerable duration. All these features make this keyboard a perfect companion for your Samsung Smart TV.

4. Logitech K400 Plus Wireless TV Keyboard

Budget Pick

Logitech K400 Plus Wireless TV Keyboard

  • Sleek, slim and simple design 
  • Integrated touchpad and multimedia controls 
  • Low noise levels

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This is another great offering by Logitech, and comes at an economical price tag. It is not as compact as the other keyboards we have reviewed but has a sleek, slim, and simple design. There is an integrated touchpad with mouse buttons.
There are three media buttons for mute, volume up, and down. It is virtually noiseless and the keys are soft to touch. The noise level is within 50 decibels. However, you do not get the number and function keys on this device.
A major drawback of this keyboard is that it is not backlit. This can be annoying, especially if you prefer to watch movies and shows in the dark.
Instead of Bluetooth, this keyboard uses a Logitech Unifying signal receiver, which is provided along with the product. You need to plug this receiver into your Samsung Smart TV’s USB port.
It offers a signal range of 33 feet. Another drawback of this product is the absence of rechargeable batteries. The batteries which are provided with this device have a lifespan of 18 months, and they need to be replaced thereafter.

5. Rii 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard

Budget Pick

Rii 2.4G Mini Wireless Keyboard

  • Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4G RF connection 
  • Multi-function – touchpad, scrolling wheel, direction keys, multimedia keys, function keys
  • Backlit keyboard allows you to choose between two levels of brightness

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This is another great offering by Rii and you would love this keyboard if you like playing light games on your Samsung Smart TV. It provides the feel of a video game controller. The features offered by this device make it one of the best keyboards for the Samsung Smart TV.
It offers superior compatibility, with a dual connectivity option – Bluetooth 4.0 and 2.4G RF. You can connect the keyboard to your smart TV using the other, in case one of them fails.
Moreover, this keyboard offers a multifunctional layout. Along with the QWERTY keypad, there is a touchpad, a scrolling wheel, direction keys, multimedia keys, and function keys. However, the touchpad accuracy is not so good. The size of the spacebar is also small, and thus, annoying in case you are gaming.
A plus point of owning this keyboard is that it is backlit, making it suitable for use in dark environments. You can also choose between two different levels of brightness, or turn the backlight off.
Moreover, there are rechargeable batteries, and the keyboard comes with a USB-pass through cable, allowing you to use the keyboard and charge it at the same time. The lifespan of the batteries is also considerably good.

6. Microsoft Wireless 900

Budget Pick

Microsoft Wireless 900

  • Traditional keyboard with a wireless mouse
  • RF receiver-based connection 
  • Long lasting, non-rechargeable batteries

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This device is not like any other wireless keyboards for Samsung Smart TVs which we have reviewed. It is a traditional wireless keyboard, which is packed with a wireless optical mouse.
It is the only keyboard in our list of best keyboards for Samsung Smart TVs, which has a dedicated number pad. The keyboard, however, is compact, with tightly packed keys.
It gives the users a sleek and slim feel. The mouse is compact, as well, but not too small at the same time. Both, the keyboard and the mouse feel comfortable to use. The keys are quiet and thus, they offer a good experience.
On the connectivity front, it uses an RF receiver to connect to your smart TV. There is no Bluetooth connection. With the same receiver, you can, however, connect both the mouse and the keyboard.
Although it does not have rechargeable batteries, the disposable batteries packed with this product have a good lifespan.
They can last nearly 24 months before requiring replacement. The range that you will get on this device is just like any other Bluetooth or RF-based wireless keyboard/mouse.
You can use it within a proximity of 30 to 33 feet of your Samsung Smart TV. One of the biggest drawbacks of this keyboard, however, is that it does not offer LED backlighting. Hence, it will be difficult to use this keyboard in darkness.

7. ANEWKODI 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard

Budget Pick

ANEWKODI 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard

  • LED backlighting with seven colours and adjustable brightness 
  • Integrated mouse with high sensitivity 
  • Compact design

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This is an attractive-looking multi-function keyboard, which can be a great companion for your Samsung Smart TV. Moreover, it has economical pricing and packs a number of great features.
The design of this keyboard is so compact that it easily fits in the hands. Moreover, the integrated touchpad makes it easy to navigate through menus and apps on your Smart TV.
This is a backlit keyboard and offers 7 different backlight colours. You can also adjust the brightness up to three different levels. On the connectivity front, it lacks Bluetooth connectivity.
However, it packs a powerful 2.4 GHz wireless radio, which enables the device to connect to the TV with the help of a USB receiver. It has a poor range. It can work only within a 12-meter range.
The built-in touchpad is highly sensitive and has a 360-degree flip design. A single click of the finger works as a left mouse function. Besides, it also has multimedia keys like the volume up and down and mute button.
The automatic sleep mode on this keyboard conserves your battery power for maximum efficiency. It comes with rechargeable batteries, as well.

8. iPazzPort Wireless Mini Keyboard

Budget Pick

iPazzPort Wireless Mini Keyboard

  • 2.4G RF keyboard with a good range
  • Integrated touchpad with multi-touch function 
  • Compact and stylish design

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The iPazzPort Wireless Mini keyboard boasts of a compact and stylish design, and packs a number of great features. It has 92 keys and these keys are comfortable to work on. Moreover, it uses a 2.4G RF technology, and thus, offers a good range. It uses a USB receiver to connect to the Smart TV.
In addition, this keyboard also has a touchpad with a multi-touch function. This makes navigating through the menus and apps easier. It also features a rechargeable battery that can last up to two weeks on a single charge.
And with the sleep mode, you do not have to worry about unnecessary battery drains. All of these incredible features have made this product feature in our list of best wireless keyboards for Samsung Smart TV.

Factors To Consider While Buying A Wireless Keyboard For Samsung Smart TV

1. Wireless Keyboard Types

There are three main types of wireless keyboards which are compatible with a number of Samsung Smart TVs. These are: Bluetooth, Infrared, and RF.

1. Bluetooth keyboards are fast becoming popular, thanks to the stability in terms of connection that they offer, along with the universal nature of the Bluetooth technology itself.

As the name suggests, Bluetooth keyboards make use of Bluetooth to connect right to your Smart TV. However, the precondition is that the TV should also support Bluetooth connectivity.

The amount of interference in using a Bluetooth keyboard is very little. As a result, most of the Samsung Smart TVs seem to offer Bluetooth connectivity. Moreover, the newer Bluetooth versions also offer a better connectivity range than their predecessors, enabling you to use the keyboard remotely.

2. Infrared keyboards are not very popular these days. However, if your Smart TV does not offer a Bluetooth connection, using an infrared keyboard can be useful. They work in the same manner as the TV remotes work. TV remotes, too, use infrared.

3. Finally, we have radio frequency keyboards, which are popularly known as RF keyboards. These are as popular as Bluetooth keyboards. They use a USB dongle to connect to the Smart TV. You need to plug this dongle into the TV’s USB port. If your TV does not support Bluetooth connectivity, this is a decent option

Older RF keyboards offered a limited range. You had to be fairly close to your TV for them to work. However, the newer RF keyboards use the 2.4G technology, which can offer a range similar to that of a Bluetooth keyboard.

2. Size

Apart from the technology used for establishing connection with the Smart TV, wireless keyboards also differ from one another in terms of size. The three main form factors in which these devices are available are full-size, tenkeyless, and compact.

1. Full-size keyboards offer all the features and functionality of a typical computer keyboard, which, most importantly includes the number pad.

Having these extra keys can be handy, and a full-sized keyboard can be a good companion for your Samsung Smart TV. We have, thus, included a full-sized keyboard in our list of the best wireless keyboards for Samsung smart TV.

However, their bigger size acts as an impediment to their portability, and thus, they are a little less popular. Moreover, since you are using the keyboard only while watching television, the usage of a full sized keyboard is, anyway, limited.

2. Compact keyboards are the most popular keyboards for Samsung Smart TVs. By getting rid of both the number pad and the function keys, they are designed to be handy and small.

They are usually just 60 percent of the size of full-sized keyboards. This makes it easier to store them. Some of these keyboards also come with an integrated touchpad

3. Tenkeyless keyboards, as the name suggests, typically have 10 lesser keys than a full sized keyboard. That is, they do not have the number pad. They are 80 percent the size of a full sized keyboard.

Since you are not going to use the number pad much on a keyboard bought for a smart TV, they happen to be a good option.

3. Battery

Some keyboards come with rechargeable batteries, which let you plug them in and put the keyboard on charge. Other keyboards make use of disposable batteries. Both these technologies have their own advantages and drawbacks.

If you are using disposable batteries, you always need to have extra batteries in hand, so that your work is not interrupted in the event of battery discharge.

Keyboards which use rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, are cheaper in the long run, since you do not have to keep purchasing batteries. However, if the battery dies while you are using the keyboard, it can be a major issue. Some keyboards allow you to use them even when you have put them on charge.

Keep in mind that whichever kind of battery you choose, you must always go for a product that offers a long battery life. In that way, the cons of each of the two types of batteries can be mitigated.

4. Range

The range of the keyboard needed will depend on the size and layout of the room. A large room will require a keyboard that offers more range. In that case, you need to buy an RF keyboard with a good range, or go for a Bluetooth keyboard.

A Bluetooth keyboard is also good for a setup where there is a lot of room between the TV and where you sit. These keyboards can offer a range of around 30 feet (or even more).

Infrared keyboards, on the other hand, require a clear line of sight between the keyboard and the infrared receiver on the Smart TV. Hence, it is better if you avoid buying them.

5. Ergonomics

The design and comfort of the keyboard is as important as the features offered by it. People usually do not provide a lot of attention to the design. But a keyboard which is not comfortable to use can be annoying. It is, therefore, important to read the reviews and product specs properly.

FAQs on Wireless Keyboards for Samsung Smart TV

1. Do I Really Need To Have A Wireless Keyboard For My Samsung Smart TV?

All Samsung Smart TVs come with remotes for navigation. However, given the interface of the apps these days, a remote may not be a sufficient device. It can be a really painstaking task to type your login details on OTT platforms using a remote. The same holds true if you want to use your TV for playing light games. Therefore, it is best to buy a good wireless keyboard which can make all these tasks easier. In this article, we have included some of the best wireless keyboards for Samsung Smart TVs.

2. Where Do I Find Bluetooth On My Samsung Smart TV?

The first precondition is that your Samsung Smart TV should be Bluetooth enabled. On most Samsung Smart TVs, the Bluetooth setting can be accessed by pressing the Home button on the remote control. From there, you need to navigate to the Settings and access them. Enable pairing to connect your Bluetooth keyboard to your Smart TV and enjoy a hassle-free navigation.


Samsung offers some of the best Smart TVs in the market. However, these smart devices still use the same-old remotes for navigation. It is not very comfortable to use them to navigate through the menus and apps. The solution to this problem lies in owning a wireless keyboard.

However, buying a keyboard can be tricky, given the existence of a wide range of these products. Hence, in this article, we have reviewed some of the best wireless keyboards for Samsung Smart TVs.

We have also listed down all the important factors that you need to be aware of before buying a wireless keyboard for your own smart television. Besides, we have also answered some of the frequently asked questions about these devices in this article. Go through this article thoroughly, and make an informed decision for yourself.


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